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Welcome to Path of Meditation

The human being is born like a seed, and has the opportunity to grow 
like a tree! Its roots going deep in the ground and at the same time spreading its branches high up in the sky fulfilling its ultimate potential.

Path of Meditation is a place where you can find and explore the path to your inner being. Through meditation techniques, laughter, celebration, Conscious Nutrition, breathing, alternative and meditative therapy, we have the chance to reconnect and express our natural qualities. These become the step stones to our inner being.

The meditations, individual sessions and groups we offer aim to bring awareness and relaxation to whatever has been holding us from living our life fully.

They are different ways of bringing integration and harmony to our body-mind, clearing our vision, allowing us to go beyond our conditioned limitations, rediscover who we really are and enjoy life here and now!

Walking on the Path of Meditation we start living our true potential, rejoicing in our 'yes to life', discovering and expressing our own uniqueness!


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