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Conscious Medicine Interview with Dr. Nirdosh

Fecha: 22 de noviembre de 2016
Autor: Turkish online Magazine

·      Would you introduce yourself a little?

   My name is Nirdosh Kohra, I was born and raised in Mexico, I was a good boy and a good student in my childhood and early teenage years, during which I also had to deal with various health issues and surgeries. Then I became quite a rebel, breaking all the rules of the society I lived in, searching for what was true and real for me. I didn´t find many answers but knew that I was in search for healing. And in the meanwhile I had a pretty good time.

After traveling for some time around the world I came back to Mexico and dove into Medical school in Mexico City. By that time I was already vegetarian, was teaching yoga and meditating, so it was normal for me to ask unusual questions to the doctors who were teaching me, for which many of them they had no answer. Basically the answer was “that is what the book says”.

So after finishing Medical School and being in my practice it became very clear that most of the Medical treatments I was prescribing were only symptomatic, not curative. So I decided to search for other methods that could really help me to help the person heal from the root of their symptoms or disease.

Since then I have been fortunate to experience healing in many dimensions, myself and with the people I work with. I have learned and practice many different methods that come from USA, Europe and Asia that I use in a Holistic way. I take in account the physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, energetic, life style and other aspects of the patients life that can be creating his/her symptoms and I give support so they can bring balance back in their body and in their life.

It is a gift for me to be able to discover every day the most amazing miracle on this earth, the human being. There is not a single day that I am not amazed by the incredible ways in which our human body manages to heal itself from all kinds of symptoms. And it is a bigger gift for me to be able to share with other people my direct experience with the amazing range of possibilities in which the human body can heal.


·      Would you tell what is Conscious Medicine?

   Conscious Medicine is a new approach to the human Being that helps us understand the precise effect that Psychological/Emotional events have on our physical body. Through Conscious Medicine we can understand how the human body is always trying to help us survive, grow and be more conscious in any situation we encounter in our life. Even when we experience uncomfortable symptoms in our body or dis-ease, our body is also helping us heal.

Conscious Medicine is based on very precise scientific discoveries made by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer around 30 years ago that have been studied in depth, refined by medical doctors all around the world and enriched by other methods of alternative Healing, emotional work, Nutrition and Meditation.

Conscious Medicine is something that anyone can learn and integrate into their daily life. It gives a more sensible and logical understanding of our body and gives us tools to support our body in healing itself.


·      We are very afraid of being sick. Is it possible that we could avoid this by ourselves?

   Yes it is possible to step out of this fear of sickness that we have all been raised with. It just needs an understanding of what really is happening in our body when we have symptoms.

   Nobody really explained to us what happens in the body when we have symptoms, pain or dis-ease. The only thing that we were taught is that in those moments “something is wrong with the body, and we need to fix it”. And because we don´t really know what caused it and how to fix it, we immediately become afraid. We experience fear when we don´t know what is happening. And with this fear we become helpless and depend 100% in the doctor, at least that is what they have taught us.

   In reality that is not our only option. With Conscious Medicine we have the choice to learn more about how our body works and what individual symptoms are really telling us. When we start understanding our body, we relax and we have more clarity on what are the specific situations in our life that are creating these symptoms. Like this we start becoming more independent and responsible with our health, and we are able to make more conscious choices.


·      Traditional medicine is often successful in repairing broken bones and suppressing symptoms of disease. What kind of approach should we take if we want to treat a sickness?

To treat a sickness there is not only 1 way, there are fortunately many ways in which we can approach and treat a sickness or dis-ease. There are as many different approaches as people in the planet. That is the beauty and at the same time the challenge of working with a person to achieve real healing.

Each person is a unique individual and needs a unique approach to reach to the root of their disease or discomfort, that´s why I feel that Real Medicine is an Art.

For some people it is enough to correct nutritional imbalances so the body can recover it´s essential nutrients and heal itself. For others we need to bring to consciousness a specific psychological or emotional issue that has not yet been seen or addressed, and find together the best way to bring harmony into that situation of their life. For others the body needs to be cleansed from all the accumulated toxins that have gathered throughout the years. Others just need to do some simple practical changes in their life that can shift the way they feel significantly.

   As I say, each person has their own unique path in life and in healing, so I cannot say that there is one recipe for all. What I can say and share from my own experience is that the more we are interested in understanding our own body and mind, the more we become familiar with the messages it gives us through physical and mental symptoms, energy fluctuations, mood changes, and other feelings that we experience in our daily life. Slowly we understand better each time what is it that we need to feel at ease, relaxed and in wellbeing.

   That is why I call this Conscious Medicine, because it involves bringing our awareness to our body, emotions and thoughts, and learning the messages that they have for us. Also slowly discovering a space of silence and peace inside of us, where we can return time and time again to feel our true nature. In this way we can grow and become more conscious and feel healthy in our life in the present moment.


·      What is the difference between traditional medicine and New medicine?

The basic difference between traditional Allopathic Medicine and Conscious Medicine is that, as it was asked in the previous question, Traditional medicine is basically focused on easing symptoms or treating emergencies. Most of the Allopathic treatments are not Curative, they are only palliative (they suppress symptoms). In order to heal a symptom or dis-ease from its roots, more is needed than just medications or surgery. And it needs the willingness of the person to want to change or bring awareness into whatever is causing this in his/her life.

   I am not saying that medicine or surgery aren´t needed. They are absolutely needed in many cases to treat matters that can threaten our life or situations where symptoms can be unbearable and trigger other imbalances in the body.

   In Conscious Medicine we sometimes use medications or other allopathic treatments to support the person while we work to reach a deeper level of healing.

   These two “Medicines” are not against each other, it´s just that in my experience Conscious Medicine has a wider and deeper reach in healing.


·      What people who want to live a healthy life should and should not do?

   Since our childhood we got used to be told what is good and what is bad for us, what we should do and what we should not do. This is the common denominator in most of the education systems we have grown up in the last decades. That doesn´t allow space for our intrinsic wisdom and intuition to flower, we are cut down from our amazing potential as human beings to be curious, to explore, to “find our own way in life” and we are put in a box that has only 2 rooms: Good & Bad.

   Of course there are many things that I can suggest to people to have a healthier life, which many of them you might have heard before like: Drink plenty of water, eat as fresh and as natural food as possible, exercise, express your emotions in a healthy creative way, meditate, go out to nature and much more… But there is something else that I would definitely encourage anyone who wants a more fulfilling and healthy life to do:

“Explore, try out new things, don´t conform with what people say, with what is supposed to be right or wrong, find your own way! And this can involve trying out different diets, different healing methods, different exercises or body therapies, different doctors or healers, going to new places, detoxing, meditating and anything that comes in your way so you have more experience and richness in life. Like this your criterion widens, you have more capacity to choose and it is more difficult to be fooled”.


·      Do you have any tips you can give us to raise healthy children?

To raise healthy children the first step is to have healthy parents. I see so many children in my consult that are brought by their parents who want me to fix them and they don´t want to change anything in themselves. This is the old way of not taking responsibility and wanting to change others instead of changing ourselves.

Children are a reflection of their parents and the first and most important example they have in life is their father and mother.

95% of everything we learn in life, including how to eat, how to move and walk, how to go to the toilet, to shower, to talk and communicate, how to express ourselves, how to respond to love and danger, how to give and receive affection and thousands of other things come from our parents. So the most important aspect for me to raise healthy children is for the parents to be healthy.

I have seen countless times when I work with parents, the moment they start bringing more awareness to their own health, to their eating habits, to their emotions, to their living environment, their home environment and start taking responsibility for themselves, automatically their children start healing.


·      There are many types of diseases that are often heard in our time; Asthma, allergies and obesity or depression and ADHD among them. What do you attribute the increase in these diseases?

In my experience the increase in the incidence of these kind of diseases is because of various things:

One is the increasing expansion and domination of western allopathic medicine in most of the world, which is mainly focused on doing 2 things: Giving a diagnosis (to stamp the person) and a treatment (a chemical pill or surgery).

Another is the stimulation and availability to do all kinds of imaging and laboratory tests that are only aimed to find something negative in the body to give a diagnosis.

Also the amount of publicity that is made in the media nowadays, which is mostly controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, brings fear into the population and drives them to seek protection with the doctors, who again will give them a diagnosis.

   There are other factors of course which include the nutritiously deficient diet that most people have, the increasingly toxic environment that we live in, the intense stress under which we live in (specially in big cities), the constant influence of aggressive and fearful images we are exposed to, the amount of medications that people take that don´t really heal and sometimes cause adverse effects, and also the lack of relaxing and nourishing time in nature, with family and loved ones.


·      For many years, the emotional state of the person and the health of the body have been seen apart from each other. Now it is said that they are a whole. Can I get your views on this subject?

Yes. We are so fortunate nowadays that science is doing all kinds of fabulous research that have proved in so many ways the direct effect there is in our brain and physical body with each emotion, with each thought that we experience.

It is not a theory any more, it is proven through quantic medicine, through quantic physics and many more branches of medical and scientific research that help us bring together human physiology, psychology and countless techniques and healing methods that exist today.

Most of what I share in the Conscious Medicine workshops is based on these scientific discoveries, which I share in a way that is easy for anyone to understand, independent from their cultural or professional background.

In these workshops I explain the scientific proof of the specific effect that each emotional situation we experience in life has in the human body, what precise situations trigger each symptom in each part of the body.


·      Who will be for this workshop you are going to run?

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning how their body works, what really causes symptoms or disease in the body. It is for anyone who wants to become more independent in their health and be able to support in a more loving, conscious and relaxing way themselves and their loved ones.

There is no need to have any medical or health related training or background to participate in this workshop. And it is beautiful to see how this work helps all kinds of health practitioners, including physiotherapists, acupuncturists, homeopathic doctors, massage therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and others to have a much more holistic and supportive practice for their patients.


·      What will the attendees learn?

This is a theoretical & experiential workshop where people can learn the language of our body. It is absolutely scientific and understandable for anybody. It helps us understand the bridge between the mind, emotions and the physical body. It brings relaxation, independence & trust in our body.

In this workshop the participants will learn essential principles for their health & the health of their family, such as:

-       Which are specific situations that cause any symptom or disease.

-       What provokes a flu, cough or sore throat.

-       The 3 main causes of weight gain, which have nothing to do with what we eat.

-       What provokes vomiting or diarrhea.

-       What is Cancer in reality and how to approach it in a holistic way.

-       What does pain have to say to us according to its place in the body.

-       Essential tips that help prevent the appearance of symptoms in the body.

-       How to take care of ourselves once we have a symptom in the body to recover faster.

-       What is the role of microorganisms in our body. Do contagious diseases really exist?

-       The importance of meditation for our health.

-       What is a healing crisis.

-       What role do emotions play in our health.

-       When and how we can be supported by alternative therapies & when do we really need medications.

-       And much more…


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